Nic Cester


NAME: Nic Cester
country: Australia
N° of records: 6

Born in Melbourne, Cester is the eldest of four brothers, born to a Scottish mother and Australian father whose parents were Italian. Inspired by his uncle’s performance of a Beatles song, he decided to learn to play guitar and form the hit band Jet with Cameron Muncey in 1996. Cester is also one of the founders of the supergroup The Wrights. In 2010, he performed with Muse at the Big Day Out Festival in Sydney. In 2014, he took part in the remastering of the Afterhours album Hai Paura del Buio?, reinterpreting the song Veleno. Since 2014, he has been living between Italy and Germany, engaged in the writing of his first solo album. The idea of forming the group Nic Cester & The Milano Elettrica – a nine-piece band with two drummers and a brass section which features Bluvertigo’s Adriano Viterbini and Sergio Carnevale – was conceived during his stay in Italy . The band debuted in April 2017 performing two dates in Melbourne and London and supported Kasabian during their Italian tour dates (Rome, Padua and Lucca) that summer. In 2017, he released his first solo studio album Sugar Rush. In 2020, the supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club live album called Live at the 100 Club was released, mainly consisting of Beatles covers; afterwards, two original singles Nobody but Me and This Love Starved Heart of Mine were released.