First impressions are always the strongest. In most cases a good start is often an expression of intense impact. A high dose of attention is truly difficult to remove from minds. What comes next is just made for the show. The wait for a new experience.



GetLoud Session aims to promote and share high quality music in a period characterized by great challenges.

The extraordinary historical moment gave birth to a union of intents as result of a project in which values, music and its meanings among the promoters found a bond as common denominator.

In an era of deep revolution in the music enjoyment and business that moves the entire industry, there is conviction that music refinement is the essential factor to stand out in the great abundance of productions available today. We believe in visual art and in the power of cinematics experience.

With a first level artistic and technical achievement, the intent is welcoming creativity and interest to bring beauty and genuine taste able to cross musical genres and identities: our inspiration driven by the intimate and authentic essence of music.

GetLoud Session is always looking for potential Brand Partners in order to share and support the same goals. By producing further episodes we firmly believe in making magic.


If thinking about the historical moment in which everything’s started, someone may define it as craziness, others could call it chemistry: we call it Vision.

Get Loud Session is an independent audiovisual project made of unique episodes as expression of intimate musical storytelling.
Born in May 2020, in the middle of a tough worldwide pandemic period, this concept was created by the exceptional union of three Italian professionals: Luca La Morgia (Get Loud Studio), Nico Malaspina (Grizzly Collective) and Gaetano Conti (Solidsteel).

A common inspiration supported by experience, artistic skills, passion for music and cinematic for just one single shared intent: to create a memorable audiovisual content able of lasting in time.

All the episodes have been made in Milan during summer 2020 at Encadrer, a suggestive location where creativity flows everyday.




The Encadrer is an innovative conceptual space that mixes image, art, culture and innovation, chosen as the location for the production of Get Loud Session. As defined by its founders, Encadrer is “plurality, revolution and the union of opposites, it is bringing together different points of view in order to open unexpected scenarios”. The philosophy of the place is perfectly in line with the spirit of the project that brings different musical and communication styles, united by the same thread: an intimate freedom of expression. The Encadrer space, an “organism that generates dialogues between values to be preserved and urgent needs for innovation to be expressed”, allowed the concrete realization of the “dream”, giving the perfect setting to represent the magical and introspective style of the project.